The Kelsey L. Pharr 5th Grade Mural Arts Club

The Problem

The Kelsey Pharr, 5th Grade Mural Arts Club has been established in the Spring of 2013 by Director, Tanya Yvette Naps, in order to foster inspiration and hope in the heart’s the school’s talented youth. Our children develop in a neighborhood maintained at the fringes of society and commerce. This truth directly influences our efforts to teach that all careful and intelligent human creation is a valuable commodity. We want our students to know that they intrinsically posses the tools capable of catalyzing personal and social change. We live in a school where learning to read is not a typical scholastic achievement but a life-saving intervention. Our work here is crucial! Please support us in our efforts to paint a beautiful future!

Plan of Action

Currently, we meet each Tuesday after school to work on improving and beautifying our facility. The library has been recommended as the next location for improvement.

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