Khmer Youth Alliance of Lancaster County

The Problem

Khmer Youth Alliance was created recently, working cooperately with an other organization called the Cambodian Community of Lancaster County. We considered them as "elders", since they provided guidance and support for the initiation of the Khmer Youth Alliance. The Cambodian Community of Lancaster County focuses on creating unity within the community and more importantly, relieving hunger in their homeland, Cambodia. Khmer Youth Alliance have the similiar philosophy as the Cambodian Community of Lancaster County, but we focus on creating unity among the adolescents within our community, raise money for education back in Cambodia, and assist in the transition of Cambodians moving to America. Also, we are recently working on a new task- preserving our culture and traditions to pass down upon our children and so our children can pass upon down to their children. These are our goals and they are fufilled by raising money through talent shows, food sales, picnics and cultural events. So far, the Khmer Youth Alliance raised one-thousand dollars through several events sponsered by the organization, which included a picnic, game tournaments, karaoke competitions (it is a very popular pastime) and parties. We have high hopes for the future and will continue meeting our goals. We have an honest dedication not only for the Cambodians in our homeland or in our community, but for the people of Lancaster PA. If you would like to help our cause or give a donation, please visit our website at:

Plan of Action

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