Kickin It For Kids

The Problem

Triple Play Foundation (TPF) is a non-profit organization that was established in order to help strengthen underprivileged communities by raising funds for youth sports. With hard work, respect, integrity, and collective responsibility as our Core Values, TPF is dedicated to: • Raising funds for impoverished youths to participate in sports • Increasing the overall happiness and state of well being in communities • Becoming a leader among sports & recreational nonprofit organizations on college campuses On Friday March 28th, The 1st Annual Kickin It For Kids Event will be held from Noon to 5 PM at the UGA Intramural Fields. This outdoor festival will feature a competive kickball tournament and raise funds for P.E. Department of Fowler Drive Elementary School. Fowler Drive is located 3 miles from the UGA campus but nonetheless attending college is not on their radar. Well over the majority of the students at the school, around 94%, live below the poverty line and are at risk of not making it through high school. TPF wants to teach these students that going to college IS an achievable goal. In partnership with UGA Department of Public Administration and Policy and Dr. Vicky Wilkins on April 15th, students from Fowler Drive will come to UGA for a picnic to accept proceeds for the event, a campus tour, and hear from both students and professor. Among some of the sites visited by the children include Stegman Coliseum and Rankin M. Smith Academic Center. Through participation in TPF’s Kickin It For Kids program, both college students and elementary school students benefit greatly. The college students gain the value knowledge of responsibility by raising money, championing a cause, and serving as mentors & guides to elementary school kids. Using sports as the "tool", TPF’s programming teaches underprivileged kids how to lead a more positive life. During the field trip, the students of Fowler Drive will learn to chart a course for their life away from unhealthy behavior, such as drug use and participation in gangs, and towards a better education, career, and healthier lifestyle and personal growth. Please visit to make a donation or find out more about the organization.

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