Official Project

The Problem

I founded a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit called Kid Flicks in Spring 2002.  I solicit and collect new and used DVDs to donate to Children's Hospitals and Pediatric Departments throughout the United States, and recently South Africa.  As of December 10, 2007, Kid Flicks has donated 28,000 movies to 280 different hospitals in all 50 states (and 3 South African Hospitals).  Each hospital receives a "movie library" of 100 assorted movies that appeal to toddlers through teenagers.  I came up with the idea for Kid Flicks when I realized I had a lot of movies I had either outgrown or no longer watched.  I donated them to a local Pediatric Oncology Center where a close friend of mine had been treated when we were in first grade because I knew she watched movies in the hospital to distract her and pass the time.  When I dropped off my movie donations, the Child Life Specialist at the hospital told me, "movies are the first thing kids ask for when they are in the hospital."  That very day, I decided to collect as many movies as possible to donate to as many hospital as possible.  Since that time almost six years ago, hardly a week goes by that Kid Flicks does not receive movie donations.  DVDs come in from all over the country, from individuals, families, businesses, schools, chuches, temples, Girl Scout Groups, clubs, movie studios, and video production companies.  Every time I collect another 100 movies, I find a new hospital to donate to.   

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