Kids Extreme

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The Problem

Volunteering is what I love to do.  Five years ago I created “Kids Extreme”, a program that helps disabled kids (like me) to live their lives to their fullest.   Kids Extreme teaches kids to reach for their dreams, with his 20+ clinics offered each year to kids ages 4-16.  I've written and produced over 16 PSA’s (public service announcements) on asthma and dyslexia, spending over 500 hours teaching kids to re-learn how to study in school.  I've raised over $12,000 and been involved teaching 5,000 kids and adults for his cause. Two years ago, I decided that I could take my disability of dyslexia, and help children realize the importance of literacy in our country. I started collecting over 500 books and donating them to children in six states.  I also started “Book Buddies”, a literacy program that helps community kids and the elderly by combining them together as homework and reading buddies.  I have given heart to the elderly without family and children that need not only the help with homework but also the companionship of a caring older person.  Other activities include being Santa during the holidays and singing holiday tunes, Valentine exchanges, Easter greetings, and summer concerts.  I've seen the need of an auditory library for the vision impaired, so I purchased and collected books on tape/CD and provided players for use in senior centers, nursing homes and hospitals.  My library contains over 155 books for use by 500+.

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