KIds Karts / AGAPE

The Problem

"I believe that if you have a dream, you need to go forward and follow your dream. Kids can do anything that they put their mind to do. My project is a combination of several projects that all revolve around youth.  Kids Kart is a 5x5x6' rolling cart filled with books, puzzles, crafts and school items for kids to do while hospitalized, to stay on top of their studies.  Kids Karts started as a my Eagle project and has been growing since.  6 years, 24 Kids Karts, worldwide.  I continue to make and distribute Kids Karts to pediatric hospital wards everywhere. Each Kart has a value of $5,000 fully loaded. AGAPE, is a project that has many facets to it.  A monthly newspaper column called “A kids perspective”, about youth doing remarkable things to help their communities, writing PSA's to teach youth about abusive behavior (drugs, driving, sex, etc..), Raise funds to help victims of the Tsunami as well as Hurricane Katrina, traveling to Mexico, cities in the USA and Africa to help homeless and children in the slums (education on HIV/AIDS, teaching music, games and school subjects).  Travel to Mexico to build houses for the needy, collect food, clothing, school books, etc...

Plan of Action

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