Official Project

The Problem

Kids-n-Sports is something that teenagers can help kids in their community. There are many sports to choose from, but I am mainly talking about basketball. If you want to get more specific Upward Basketball. If teenagers of today would get involved with the younger kids in their community, so many kids would grow up and not be involved with all of whats wrong with today. Teenagers would volunteer their time to come out to the church and either coach or referre the younger kids. The kids would then get to know those teenagers and in turn try to be like them. For example when they grow up they want to help out in the community with this same activity. You would be amazed how much the kids in my community look up to the teenagers. I live in a very small community of about 2,000 people. So everyone knows one another and usually knows what all the teenagers are into around here. By the teenagers getting involved with the younger kids could help them out in the long run.

Plan of Action

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