kisses for kaeden make a wish fundraiser ♥

The Problem

make a wish foundation is an awesome non profit that raises $$$ for terminally ill children to have a wish and make sure they get it to take a break from all of the hospital visits and surgeys. so we continue to help the make a wish foundation through our fundraisers and to help at their annual make a wish mothers day convoy..their biggest fundraiser to grant as many wishes as possible.each wish to grant costs $5,000.00♥

Plan of Action

to get donations from our community and have our kisses for kaeden team set up a stand in east petersburg in front of our friend jodies puppy boutique.we will have our lemonade stand and for the past 4 months we have collected garage sale items from friends,family and neighbors and we are selling everything for a generous donation to our customers to help the make a wish foundation♥ the following week we will be helping with their truckers convoy along with the make awish clowns obtaining donations and setting up carnival games for the community to enjoy and to root on all of the make a wish truckers traveling with the make a wish children along route 30 for 30 miles

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