Kitchen Kids

Official Project

The Problem

A 3 week summer camp for 8-10 children ranges 8-12 years of age. This camp will occur 2-3 times a week for about 3 hours a day in the afternoon. The camp will take place at a day care facility where the children come from low income families and tend to be on federal day care aid. This camp will focus on teaching the children about healthy living and healthy lifestyles. Each day when the children come to camp they will participate in a nutrition lesson, a cooking lesson and an exercise/physical activity. The nutrition lesson will be about basic nutritrion and mostly based on the food pyramid. This lessons will include videos, use of websites, and interactive activities. After this lesson the children will go into the kitchen where they will learn to make foods that go along with the nutrition lesson of the day. These will be kid- friendly recipes including trail mix, blueberry muffins, and smoothies. The children will also have the opportunity to write down the recipe of the day on a piece of cardstock and decorate it. Then by the end of the camp, the children will be able to compile their own cook book. After being in the kitchen the children will do some sort of exercise activity that is hopefully something new and different such as a form of martial arts or just a playground game. This is to demonstrate the importance of exercise in a healthy lifestyle and how exercising can be fun and doesn't always have to be just running or just aerobics. At the end of the camp, there will be a small graduation ceremony where the children can invite their parents to. Here the children will be recognized for all of their hard work. Also before the ceremony, we will go into the kitchen and prepare all the dishes that were previously learned for the ceremony and for the parents, friends, and children to enjoy. Hopefully this camp will teach about different experiences with food and exercise.

Plan of Action

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