Krafty Kids

The Problem

Krafty Kids is a non profit organization in Miami, Florida. Our group consists of four high school freshmen, but new members are always welcomed. We believe that every child should have a memory of making something creative with their own hands, because everyone deserves to enjoy their childhood. We plan out and preform activities with the children in Miami's hospitals and we also donate money to St. Jude Research Hospital. Krafty Kids began as a class assignment but has turned into much more than that, and we need your help to help make our dream a reality. Our goal is to collect as many arts and crafts materials as possible so that we can take them over to Miami Children’s Hospital and Baptist Children’s Hospital and the children can enjoy the fun and enriching activities we have planned out for them. As you may realize this is a very ambitious project and we can’t do it alone, that is why we are asking your store to please help and support this great cause. We are in need of materials such as construction paper, glitter, liquid glue, glue sticks, ribbon, markers, crayons, and scissors. If you are not able to donate any materials a monetary donation would also be greatly appreciated. Any contribution helps, you would be helping to bring smiles to many kid’s faces. If you would like more information on our members or would like to see pictures please visit Or email us at

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