The Problem

I am Making a 3 min long short movie that shows the drastic story of a younge man that works at "the movies" in which they ask him to work extra late with pay. This teen "like many others" accepts without knowing the possible concequences. working a 11 hour shift and untile 3:15 in the morning, he falls asleep at the wheel and suffers the ultamate concequence...This is the true story of me "no exadurations" besides the fact that well...i didn't die, my body was asleep when i crashed so i didn't feel the whole impact.But it finacially ruined my life! Many jobs "like Harkins" and "Frys" abuse ther workers, and has no reguard for their safety.I am a Senior now and going to attend the University of Advancing Technology, in September 2007.I love making Movies for fun...and now for AWARNESS for the Genocide victims in Darfur, Africa...i had made videos and picture slideshows to raise money for STAND(an anti-genocide coalition)if you dont know much about DARFUR...please..just Google it!

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