Lancaster Hometown Challenge

The Problem

We live in a very rural area. All of our firemen are volunteers. Our local Lancaster Fire Department covers 5 area districts for the JAWS OF LIFE. The community has suffered many tragic teenage deaths in recent years. I wanted to make sure the volunteer department had the correct safety suits to wear. The Department was in need of 12 protective Jaws of Life suits. (They are lighter in weight than the original fire suits. ) Which is safer for the fireman and could aid getting the victim medical treatment faster.

Plan of Action

I did my homework and located a grant, which would benefit our community. The grant had certain rules that had to be met. The non –profit had to be a customer of Alliant Energy. I met with the Fire chief. We discovered the department, met all of the rules for the grant. Our fire chief mentioned that the department was in need of 12 “Jaws of Life “ suits. I filled out the application. The application was approved. I had to figure out how to raise $3,500 and Alliant would match the funds raised. I organized three fundraisers to raise money. We participated in the citywide garage sale, had a car wash and had total responsibility of the district swim meet concession stands. With this responsibility, I was in charge of the fiancés, ordering supplies, fixing the food for the concessions, and locating volunteers and making schedules that would work. In the process of fund raising, our community came together. Our grant was called the Alliant Hometown Challenge. The first fundraiser was the citywide garage sale. This event was held at the Firehouse. It was amazing how the town came together. Many items were donated and many people volunteered their time. The amount of people who shopped and supported the sale was unbelievable. Our second fundraiser was a car wash. The Boy Scouts helped with this event. Our final fundraiser was organizing concessions for the district swim meet. Family, friends and our local 4-H troop worked at this event. With in the three month period we raised over $7600.00. We made our goal and grew together as a community. The fire department was able to purchase 7 Jaws of Life Suits. I involved many different groups of students and groups.

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