Lanscaping a Garden for a Museum

The Problem

I have Landscaped a Garden at the Stevenson-Crawford house (which is a museum up in Oregon City, Or). This house was built in 1907-1908 and never left the ownership of the family. This house holds many artifacts of the era and many original items that were in the house are still there. This whole project's goal was to bring a better exterior appearance to the museum and help draw people into the museum for them generate more revenue so they can keep this museum intact. For the physical work of my project, I got help from about 30 volunteers including myself to help landscape this garden. All the materials used were bought by fund raisers from the community. We planted 2 tree peonies, 24 lavender plants, 120 daffodils, and 50 lilies. We also in cased the garden by using gray basalt rocks, and covered the entire ground with compost. This specific plants were picked because of the research I had done and found that these plants were of the era that the house was built in. The overall appearance of this garden has brought more people into the museum and have brought locals around it into question what other renovations will be coming in the near future.

Plan of Action

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