The Problem

I am helping kids between 13-18 who may not have the help that they need in order to excel on EOCs. Many of these same kids cannot afford to go to professional tutoring, and just have to deal with their grades as it. I think that this is horrible, so to directly combat the program, I started a program at Ashbrook High School, that is comprehensive, covers the course from A-Z, and many Saturday School EOC Reviews. These reviews are not mandatory, but every student that has gone for the last year and a half has always passed the EOC. All 15 kids I have assisted for the last 1 1/2 years have made drastic improvements in the time I was with them. Two of the kids I have tutored have made level fours. The original community that this was set up for has a 56% free/reduced lunch rating, and has not met AYP for years. Now, since I have transferred schools, I work with two school to help accel. Ashbrook High School and Highland School of Technology. This year, I have helped kids who want to go to college, but need a little help to meet the requirements.

Plan of Action

It was a challenge to start the program, because of lack of support. The program has grown exponentialy since it's inception. I would estimate I have spent over 2 years 300 dollars out of my own pocket to help my students with workbooks, handouts, supplies, and books for my reference. LearnNow! has been hosted in 3 locations, and is currently Saturdays at Ashbrook High School, and Mon-Fri mornings in the Library Media Center at Highland School of Technology. Times are able to be changed. With over 30 students that have gone through the algebra program, all have passed, with 5 students making a 4 on the final. The program is available to anybody who wants to make a attempt at bettering themselves.

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