Leaving our Legacy Art Club

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

My high schools budget has been the most manipulated by the budget cuts as a result of the recession. There are only two high schools in the city of Brunswick, Ga and the one that I go to is seen as the poorest. Not only that but we “need improvement” in just about every area according to the newspaper. Whenever we are compared to the other school we are seen as the low of the low. Nobody in our area invests money into my school unless it’s a sport related thing that they are investing in. The community does not value the school at all.

Plan of Action

Start an art club by going around and asking some of my friends, who happen to be some great artists, and other outstanding artists to join. On I get a good amount of people I will do a series of art project that will be displayed around the school and around the community in positive ways.

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