Leigh Square Community Arts Glee Club

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The Problem

The glee club is aimed towards young children from elementary and middle schools, children who are interested in music but whose family may not be able to afford weekly music lessons and the instruments. The community will be engaged by the glee club with its final stage performance where the public will be invited to watch.

Plan of Action

We hope that our partnership with the Leigh Square Community Arts Village will provide enough publicity and promotion for our glee club. We have enough youth volunteers to run this ten-week program in the autumn. We have approximately five youth volunteers to volunteer at the glee club each week. We are looking towards having 20-30 young students join the glee club and attend its weekly meetings. Leigh Square will print the program of the glee club in its season brochure of its programs that are distributed throughout households in Port Coquitlam. The glee club will charge a one-time participation fee for the children, but we will try to keep the cost as low as possible. This fee will help to cover any production and material costs. It will also be used to start a glee club for the following season, if we prove it to be successful in the fall. The glee club will be held once a week at the Gathering Place at Leigh Square. It has sufficient room and lighting. It also has a piano, which the youth volunteers can play as accompaniment for the student’s performances. Each glee club meeting will be two hours long. It will begin with a brief student performance of their theme from the week before. Afterwards, we will discuss the topic for the new week and examples of such songs will be given by the youth volunteers. Then, the students will be given internet access to research songs that fit within the theme and time to rehearse in groups. The youth volunteers will help them in their performances, before sending them away to practice their songs for the week. If we are not given access to the Gathering Place at Leigh Square, we will have to rent a space from a church or school once a week for ten weeks. The rental cost should be minimal. In addition, we will be forced to provide minimal publicity. We will advertise the glee club through flyers and posters at local elementary and middle schools. Since it is a ten-week program, there will be ten themes for the students. In the end, they will choose their favourite songs that fit within the themes and have it choreographed for the final performance for the public. Parents and the public will be invited to watch. The students will also sing a couple of songs in a choir-like style, accompanied by the piano.

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