Lend A Paw program

The Problem

The Lend a Paw program is designed to rescue dogs from the shelter and train them to be Social/Therapy dogs to help people in need. Individuals are also invited to join our LAP team with their own personal dogs if the dogs have the required obedience and temperament for therapy work.

Plan of Action

We've recently developed our Lend a Paw program, rescuing dogs from the shelter and training them as social/therapy dogs for people in need. In addition to our Lend a Paw training program, we are implementing a training program for all of our rescues. It is our goal to put each dog rescued from the shelter through an obedience training course prior to being placed for adoption. A very select few may be chosen for Lend a Paw, while most will be adopted to loving families immediately. By training each dog, the adoptive family has a better chance of developing a better bond and a permanent relationship. In addition, our dogs get a lot of human attention from our training volunteers while they wait for their new home.

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