Less Than Four

The Problem

As an amputee with a website, I frequently receive emails from people looking for help. They write me to say they just lost a leg, or their friend just lost an arm, and were wondering what advice and information I can give them.

Plan of Action

In an effort to provide these people with better support than what I can give in an email, last year I launched a website called LessThanFour.org.(Get it?) Modeled loosely on social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook, LessThanFour.org is a place where amputees can ask questions, get answers, and meet others with similar disabilities.

Project Updates

6/12/07-The GameStop grant allowed me to buy advertising on Google and Yahoo. Then CNN profiled it right after, and now membership has skyrocketed. Since then, many amputees have written me saying that LessThanFour has changed their lives. LessThanFour now has over 900 active members, many of whom blog and upload photos and videos every single day. The site also receives about 10,000 unique visitors per week, which is nearly half a million per year. I consider the project very successful because I can now list many, many individual people who have told me how the site has helped them in very specific ways.

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