lift and reach

Official Project

The Problem

I live in a neighborhood were poverty is seen everywhere. Many times you turn to the corners of the streets and you can see homeless people everywhere just praying for a little hope, some bread to eat, some water to drink, and somewhere to feel safe. With my project we will have enough money to provide more food and water to the shelters in order to make it possible to help many more people than we do now. With this we will hopefully double the help being taken to these people who are wanting a helping hand.

Plan of Action

My idea is that by collaborating with other teens we might join together to plan a successful party were we will charge for entrance and create a place where teens can enjoy themselves. The entrance fee will be small and it will be put to our project if the teens decide to donate more money then it will definitely be welcomed. This way other people, teens or adults can feel like they have contributed to make a difference.

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