Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

Official Project

The Problem

For most of my life, I have been a volunteer with the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to save children through preventative education from child predators and serious accidental injuries which is the number one killer of young children. I have seen families and communities across New England drastically changed by the messages the program brings and the effective methods by which it teaches. Through these experiences I have changed positively as well, as a result of being an active volunteer in this safety program, and saving children’s lives.

Plan of Action

After brainstorming with my dad, I realized that there really is no organization that takes preventative measures to save children's lives. Most programs focus on the aftermath of the tragedy, like how to find the body. This program prevents the kidnapping and potential hurt the child might encounter. My dad and I began this program to teach children the importance of safety even with people you know. We teach that everyone is a stranger unless you get permission from your mom, dad, or whoever is in charge of you. We decided to use a costume character and music to teach our effective messages because it creates a non-threatening environment where children really do learn. We have taken our interactive stage show to schools, daycare centers, fairs, and just about everywhere else. Participating in this program has helped mold me into a totally different person. I get to travel throughout New England saving the lives of so many young children. It is such an amazing feeling volunteering for an organization that brings so much good to communities throughout New England. Imagine knowing that, because of you, a child will continue living to reach their full potential. This volunteering program is such a great experience because after all, volunteering is the glue that holds are world together.

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