Listen to the cry of the abused kids

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The Problem

India being a highly populated country many important and cruel actions are unnoticed by the people and the government. I got to understand that there are other children of my age not enjoying the similar lifestyle like mine. There are many things that caught my observation, which starts from starvation. Thinking about a day without food and water will create tension for any individual, an empty growling stomach is more than enough to keep us from doing our works, which is different when comes to dieting. When it is hard for us to keep away from food for a day, how can I expect others to stay without it, specially small children, food being the basic need for the growth. Another commonly found problem is abusing of the small kids. Which is naturally a problem in the entire world it is more common in India, because there are no restriction for the parents.For instance, some parents beat up their children to get the household works done or to go for hard jobs. Then also there are poverty stricken parents who sells their children to get money for their living.This is terrible. This requires a change. The government ought to take preventive measures for such inhuman acts maybe by controlling the rate of population

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