Literacy Alive

The Problem

In today’s education world we have seen a significant achievement gap form between our students from school to school all across the country. One problem that many schools are facing is a lack of successful literacy development among the students. Literacy reflects a student’s ability to read and write effectively. The problem is caused by many factors such as the increase in achievement gaps among standardized tests and the Common Core movement. We know the problem exists because the achievement gap among standardized test scores continues to increase all over the country. More and more students are falling behind in reading and writing and are failing the standardized assessments. The problem also exists because of the common Core movement, which is an attempt to reform the K-12 curriculum across the nation by implementing common standards so that all students are held to the same expectation and are all learning the same thing across grade levels, schools, cities and the nation. If the implications of these factors and many others are not addressed the success of our students both in and out of the classroom will continue to decrease and the future of our society will become more illiterate. Widespread illiteracy often leads to lower employment rates, as well as increased crime and incarceration rates thereby directly affecting the future of our society.

Plan of Action

Our plan of action is to get more students in our community engaged in literacy-enriched activities. We will do this through a one day “Literacy Alive” event. Members of our organization, Jacksonville University staff, and local community organizations such as Wilma’s Little People, Wounded Warriors and will partner together to develop and produce a literacy awareness event that will bring “literacy to life” to the local children in our community. The theme of our 2013 Literacy Alive event is U.S. military veterans, and honoring their service to the country. Our event will occur in November to coincide with the national Veteran’s Day observance, and our selected book will be about veterans. We will read the story to the children and talk about what it means to be a Veteran. After reading to the children and engaging them in thoughtful discussion about the material presented in the book, the children will then watch literacy come to life through two separate activities. First they will have the opportunity to listen to veteran’s share their personal story. Secondly, the children will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to be in the military as they complete a mock military style obstacle course. To culminate the event the children will write and send letters to the troops. This action plan allows us to incorporate both aspects of literacy, reading and writing, as well as bringing that information to life by inviting real veteran’s to come and share their story and engaging in a hands-on physical activities.

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