Little Women Book Club Inc.

The Problem

The Little Women Book Club Inc. is a federal tax exempt organization that was established in 1999 at the Gaston Park Library in South Memphis. The book club was designed as a social club with the theme of literacy for girls ages 10-17. The clubs’ mission is to give pre-teen and teen girls a literacy-based social outlet, particularly youth from high risk groups: •Homes headed by single-parents •Homes where one or both the parents are incarcerated Girls from these groups, as state studies have found are at the greatest risk for teen pregnancy rates and higher drop-out and retention rates. The Little Women Book club participants are given the opportunity to meet, discuss books and form lasting friendships. Our aim is to address negative social attitudes and behavior by selecting books culturally relevant to them. LWBC uses the vehicle of literacy to promote positive self-images for girls and academic excellence. Our AIM: The over-all goal and aim of the Little Women Book Club will be to encourage academic excellence and a life-long appreciation for reading among middle school girls. For More Information Contact: Kay Johnson [edited out by DS Staff]

Plan of Action

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