Livejournal's Next Top Model

The Problem

Hello, My name is Andrea. In May of 2004, I started a Live Journal community in the likeness of the popular CW television show, America's Next Top Model. In the beginning, this was merely for leisure and fun. I did not expect for the community to take off the way that it did. The community, which has just completed it's 11th cycle/season, has become a way for people from all over the world that may not normally have the opportunity to model in the fashion industry (or even for the show), a chance to be a model. There are no limitations as to who can partcipate. Everyone is welcomed despite their name, age, sex, race, religious background, height, body type, etc. Through this site, many friendships have been created or strengthened, models and photographers have had the opportunity to increase their portfolios and receive feedback, many have raised their self-esteem, and it's simply been a way to have fun. Provided are links to the community, a link to the official website, and the links to the official websites of the past two winners. Community (LJNTM - 1topmodel) - Official Website - Official Website of Danielle (cycle 11 winner) - Official Website of Calli (cycle 10 winner) -

Plan of Action

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