Love Haiti Fund

The Problem

Hello my name is Jeremiah Burris, I'm a 17 year old senior student athlete at Avon High School in Ohio. I recently started a non profit organization to support relief in Haiti. I started my humanitarian fund separate from any religious groups after the second time I went to Haiti and realized there was more I could do. I started my fund in January 2012 when I was still a junior in high school. I got certified with the IRS and got to work right away. My first move for the Love Haiti Fund was to create a shirt that could be worn to the sporting events at my school. So I went out and got corporate sponsors from a couple businesses that were willing to help. Then I got the shirts and had a Love Haiti Fund basketball game where the whole student section at the game wore the Love Haiti shirts. I also did a 3K walk that I organized once spring time came. The first trip I took after creating the fund was in June. I ended up raising 5,000 dollars to take down to help. On that trip I was able to feed over 3,000 people , buy medical supplies to take to hard to reach areas , and pay for 16 babies that were abandoned in a hospital to receive medical care. We had a very successful trip. Now heading into my senior year of high school I have expanded my fund to other high schools in my area where they will also have Love Haiti Fund games.

Plan of Action

I believe that the American teenager is held to a lower standard then we ought to be and my mission is to show the world that teenagers can do big things and to help the country I love. Since starting my fund other students in my high school have stepped up and helped , and also the community has supported me and helped with donating and support but I want to do more. I have a dream for Haiti and I wont stop untill its complete . Like us on Facebook under Love Haiti Fund and follow us on twitter @lovehaitifund

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