L.S.A.C. (Latino Student Activist Conference)

The Problem

The problem that we are trying to solve is to get our university (University of Wisconsin-Parkside) to understand that Undocumented students matter. I am currently the president of an organization called Latinos Unidos and year after year the school has been cutting our budget and virtually making it impossible to host a conference where we can have panels of lawyers answer questions for Undocumented students who can't afford lawyers.

Plan of Action

Be able to afford the time for three lawyers to answer questions about DACA or C.I.R. (Comprehensive Immigration Reform) and have students from outside the organization be able to understand the struggles of many students as their questions which would be written on a flashcard card then read as an anonymous student without putting their status but also making an impact towards the community to realizing the easier life is with comprehensive immigration reform. Whether or not its passed around this time people will still have questions that they would like answers too but just can't afford. Our organization would also plan on getting UWD (United We Dream) as active as possible in this because our local coalition of Voces De La Frontera would be of great assistance towards recommending lawyers who would also be AILA approved.

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