Lucky-Fox Open

The Problem

I created and hosted my first annual charity tennis tournament last summer. My plan was to create an ongoing tournament in my home town where tennis is a widely participated sport as well as in the surrounding cities. All profits are donated to the charity of choice. Last year our charity was the American Breast Cancer Foundation. We raised money though participation fees, t-shirt sales, sponsors, a raffle, concessions, and individual donations. The raffle and concession items were donated by local residents and businesses. The idea of the tournament is not only to donate to great causes but also to raise awareness. I posted interesting unknown facts and statistics about breast cancer throughout the entire tournament site. Each year I will choose a new charity to sponsor and raise awareness for the cause. Pending charity approval, this years donation will help starving children around the world. The tournament would use the grant money to pay for costs such as tennis balls, t-shirts, and trophies. Last year costs were around $900 mostly from the purchase of tennis balls. The grant would allow me to minimize costs allowing for a larger donation to the charity. My hope is to reach out to younger children in the community. Last year we had several younger tennis players volunteer. Examples included running the concessions, making and selling bracelets, selling raffle tickets, and baking cookies to sell. I believe that the tournament will serve as an example, proving they can all people in need. I will be graduating from college next year. I plan to get enough players involved in the actual tournament process so that if I move away the tournament will continue annually.

Plan of Action

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