Make A Difference

The Problem

I have started my own recycling business. I take old cell phones, ink jet ,laser and toner cartridges and recycle them. No one in my area is doing this. Everyone is just throwing these items away. Cell phones produce toxic substance's in the air. When batteries leak lead accumulates in the soil and when it rains the air gets polluted also. They are a real environmental hazard.Ink cartridges does not deteriorate they just lie in our landfills. My project keeps our air and our earth a little more better because I am trying to get everyone to recycle instead of throwing them away.I have collection points throughout town. When people visit business's they drop off their cartridges or cell phones. I go to each and every business once a week and pick up what is in my recycle boxes.I take them home package them properly and mail them to a company who recycles them.My local newspaper printed a front page story on me and my recycling business. The county administrator's office is giving me an award for my recycling project, they are having the local television station there to interview me.You can see me on channel 10 or 13 Tuesday July 10. Also check out my new web page at In 2007 I started recycling ink cartridges.Today I take in juice pouches, candy and cookie wrappers, potato chip bags, plastic shopping bags,vhs and cassette tapes and a lot of other stuff. In 2008 I won Disneys going green challenge.In 2009 I won first runner up in the Presidents Environmental Youth award.

Plan of Action

I want to expand my recycling into other places where people don't recycle.I started two websites and

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