Make A Difference Foundation of New York

Official Project

The Problem

The Make a Difference Foundation of NY (MADFONY) is (hopefully to be) a not-for-profit-organization that has 3 pillars: community service, fundraising, and spreading awareness.

Plan of Action

One of MADFONY’s pilar is fundraising. When creating such a network in our community there will be two major fundraisers throughout each year during which all clubs will fundraise and input their effort to keep the foundation running. MADFONY staff will be mostly volunteer/unpaid internship-based staff, which reduces the costs. MADFONY will also sell products, such as cups, T-shirts, and bumper stickers online, as well as create a bi-monthly publication called the The Difference Chronicle to be sold at a cheap price to the public, which would self-promote the foundation by publicizing future events and recognize good works. Such a publication would encourage youth to try their best to impact their communities to receive recognition in it. MADFONY is also applying to receive a section 501 status as nonprofit that would exclude it from paying taxes and make donations tax deductible for donors, which would encourage them to donate. Self-publicizing through the publication, and the section 501 non-profit status, would attract philanthropists who are looking for nonprofits to donate to which, will help and allow the foundation to grow and sustain itself.

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