Mali Health Organizing Project

The Problem

THE PROBLEMS: Nearly one in four children in Mali dies before the age of five. This problem is particularly bad in urban slum neighborhoods. Slum residents have few rights. Most are squatters who receive little help from their governments.Communities refuse to pay taxes until the government provides services, and the government refuses to provide services until the communities pay taxes. This deadlock continues indefinitely, leading to terrible infrastructure, crippling poverty, and poor health.

Plan of Action

OUR GOAL: Our aim is to enable slums to create their own health care solutions, and ultimately see both the government and the slum invest in health and development without outside assistance. Sikoroni, Mali is our pilot project. We have been able to mobilize over a hundred thousand dollars in Malian government resources to help this community, and have started four sustainable community committees and six projects with practically no money and a lot of elbow grease. Our next steps are to see these projects to completion, and share our model with others to maximize our impact around the globe.

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