Masked Perception

The Problem

A short film based on Drug Abuse in High School Students and how it effects those around including the family. The film shows how someone can have it all and lose it all becuase of an addiction with drugs. It will be shot in a movie format but will include the information and quality to be called a Public Service Announcement. I have won the Wyoming State High School Film Festvial 2 years straight and will have the opportuntiy to expose this film to a vast amount of people across the state and the entire community in which I am apart of. I am allowed to broadcast from my school to the community over television. Drug use is a large issue in my school and my state. I feel that it starts in High School and how the students are influenced by those around them. Drug education is given, but honestly teenagers tend to do what there peers do. So with me and my film crew, all being apart of the High School, making this short film will impact those in the school and the upcoming freshman class. With the grant money I will be able to make this short film and have the chance to show it across the state. Hopefully, touching at least one person and rendering there mindset to possibly go the other direction away from the crowd.

Plan of Action

Find a Campaign