Memorial Garden for Humane Society

The Problem

I am working as a volunteer with the Humane Society of Hall County, Georgia. Our local humane society takes in over 13,000 each year from our local area. Sadly, a high number of these animals are put to sleep because they don't find good homes. It's a very sad that these animals don't find a home; I belive every animal should be able to have a family that loves them. It also makes me sad to see so many of the animals in their cages waiting to be adopted. Our humane society has a big, fenced area where the dogs can go outside to play. Unfortunately, the area is not shaded and isn't very pretty. My plan is to build a memorial garden surrounding the dog run so that these sad, homeless animals have something nice to look at while they are outside getting some fresh air. The garden would also be a reminder to people who visit the humane society of how important it is to have your animals spayed/neutered, as the garden would be a memorial to all of the animals that have to be put to sleep every year. I will need money to buy fresh mulch for the dog run, plants to spruce up the area, a tree that will someday grow tall enough to shade the dogs, stepping stones so visitors can have a safe path to the dog run and a memorial stone for the lost animals.

Plan of Action

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