Mile-A-Day Club

Official Project

The Problem

At the YMCA we have an after school program for ages 5 - 11. For all the kids that come after school, we have organized the Mile-A-Day Club. We sent out fliers in advance to parents/guardians for them to be involved and to encourage the participation of their children. The Mile-A-Day club consists of walking a mile every day around our gym. We time the kids on Monday and Friday to graph their progress. Tuesday through Thursday, we encourage them to walk faster to practice for Friday. The focus is emphasized on just walking and that it isn't a race. No one wins for being the fastest walker. The focus is on trying to keep kids active and healthy. For every day that a kid walks, we will put his/her name in a bucket. At the end of the week, we draw a name out for a prize. We have also asked "local celebrities" to come and walk with us to encourage the kids to walk and to be a good role model. For example, during the week of November 5th - 9th we will have friends and family week. For every friend or family member that comes to walk with a kid, that kid will receive one point. At the end of the week, the child with the most points will win a prize. We are also in the process of having the mayor and radio show hosts come and walk with the kids. We also have fun music playing while they walk around the gym. This is an ongoing project that will last until the end of the school year. The hope is to get the kids to enjoy a healthy lifestyle early on so that they can continue to be active as they get older.

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