Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory Annual feed the homeless, and clothing drive

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The ongoing problem that exists in our communities is the cost of living is rising, and more people are unable to afford clothing that is appropriate for the season. There are thousands that go to bed hungry at night. We have an event that helps with both the immediate need, and ongoing support to end hunger, and provide adequate clothing to those less fortunate.

Plan of Action

Provide a place for the community to come an d get the support needful in order to function from day to day. We strive to provide immediate answers to the problems that our poor and homeless face on a day to day basis. This project will reach those in the community that are in need of clothing, food, and shelter. While educating them on ways that they can transition from homelessness to housing. We will also honor the legacy of Dr. Martin l. king jr. and pay tribute to his life's work and teaching. This will give hope and inspiration to those in attendance.

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