Miss Washington County Fire Prevention

The Problem

I was crowned Miss Washington County Fire Prevention on January 1, 2008. Durning my reign, I will attend parades, fairs, carnivals, the safty house, childrens village, daycares, schools and anything else that I can to speak to people about fire safty. My goal currently is to help fund the American Red Cross in my county. Many people do not realize that after a fire, they act as angels. They provide food, clothing, and shelter for familys in need. Just when you think that all is lost and you have no where to go from here after the fire is put out, they show up and the weight is lifted off your shoulders. I think that they do an amazing job, and no one realizes how much they do for our community. I would also like to get a fund set up for children who are severly injuried in fires. I have been running with EMS for 4 years, and after seeing my first ped burn, I never knew that struggle that young parents face when something happens to their child. Every penny counts!

Plan of Action

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