Mission: New Mexico

Official Dosomething.org Project

The Problem

The Navajo community in New Mexico suffers from the 3rd highest poverty rate in the US. There is currently a 34.5% unemployment rate and most never finish high school. I began this project with my church youth group hoping to significantly improve the quality of life for individuals on the reservation.

Plan of Action

I connected with the Virginia Disciples of Christ organization in order to arrange a place for us to stay while in NM and to receive contacts in NM. We fund raise for our plane ticket and any supplies we will need while we're there. We have made an impact on so many people there. We have held classes teaching reading, giving away free books to children and adults. We visit the senior center and talk with them or just let them talk to us. We have irrigated lawns for families who can't because having a green yard in that area is something they can be proud of. We have donated several hundred T-Shirts to families who can't buy new clothes. We have build 3 ramps for elderly families stranded inside their homes. We build a walk way for a blind woman so that she can travel to her 97 year old mother's house to make her lunch without getting lost. We serve big community meals because they help us gain trust from the people and bring the community together. We helped a paraplegic man who hadn't been outside in over 6 months get out of bed and into a wheelchair and finally eat a meal at his own kitchen table. We reopened a Boys and Girls club that had previously been vandalized.

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