The Problem

Founded in 1932, the American Friends of ALYN Hospital is the exclusive awareness raising and fundraising organization in the United States for ALYN Hospital, Israel’s premiere comprehensive rehabilitation center for physically challenged and disabled children, adolescents and young adults. Located in Jerusalem, ALYN provides all of the necessary rehabilitation services (medical, para-medical and educational) under one roof and treats children regardless of religious belief, nationality or ethnic background. ALYN is a private, not for profit hospital that receives no automatic funding from the government. The Hospital depends on the generosity of its friends to raise approximately $3,000,000 to meet its annual shortfall. Additionally, the TOTAL cost of all new and replacement equipment, renovations, special projects, research and capital improvements are funded by tax deductible contributions.

Plan of Action

Thousands of children are helped every year by the experts at ALYN, but insurance only ocvers part of their care. To ensure that all children with disabilities from birth, accident or acts of terror are helped, we ask for donations that will continue to support the miracles made at ALYN.

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