Mobile Food Pantry

The Problem

This is our third year of organizing a day long mobile food pantry in Livingston County. In the past two years we've helped over 400 families in Livingston County. This year we would like to expand our efforts by incorporating various organizations to provide families with information they may be unaware of, concerning food benefits and governmental programs that they would be eligible for. Additionally, we hope to help even more families than we have in the past and reach a wider portion of Livingston County and beyond.

Plan of Action

We plan to reach out to Foodlink, a regional food bank, which offers one pound of food for one dollar, we hope to be able to purchase around 500 pounds of food to distribute to families. We hope to work with local supermarkets to help sponsor the event. We have already started to plan for the event and we plan to host the event in April. When families enter the event, we hand out numbers and call ten people at a time to enter a waiting room. In the past two years, the waiting room features refreshements and local officials to speak with residents. We allow around 10 families at a time into the actual food pantry and have volunteers assist families with groceries.

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