Mock Relay for Life

Official Project

The Problem

The idea is to raise money for the American Cancer Society just as a real Relay for Life would.

Plan of Action

In order to hold the Relay for Life a lot of planning is involved. First, we have to come up with a specific day we would like to hold the relay and a location. Secondly, we have to plan activities. A schedule will be made. Brainstorming games and activities go along with that. Then we have to inform the students, parents, and teachers of the events. This requires many handouts regaurding the time, activities, and our fundraising goal. Then we are responsible for getting decorations. Next, the money needs to be collected from all students. At the point we come up with the winners who have raised the most money. On the day of, early in the morning we begin decorating the relay site. Then we welcome the students. Next we let them know the schedule for the day and we begin walking and doing fun games. After all the festivities the students go back to school. Two years in a row we have been able to raise over $1,500 for the American Cancer Society.

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