Moms United Youth Tree Planting Project

Official Project

The Problem

Our underserved and at risk youth will be educated in the fight against global warming. We will plant trees in our urban area and surrounding cities. Presently our youth ages 8-18 will hand food to the needy. We will do something about youth street gangs and the violence it carries. We will help our youth today by saving our environment. What will you do?

Plan of Action

We address the problems of global warming, hunger relief and youth street gangs by educating our children to be of great community service to help save our nation today.

Project Updates

Moms United Boys To Men Club We will have free food for the needy on Setember 27, 2008. Our Youth Tree Planting Project celebrating Service Nation Day Nationwide. Come and share your service story. and have some lunch. We will have the National Declaration of Service available for signing in agreement with Nationwide service for everyone.

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