Money Matters - Advanced

The Problem

The kids at my school have no clue when it comes to money. My dad taught me about money when I was 5 and by 10 I was investing in Stock Options and helping him balance the family budget. By 12 I was making more money in the stock market than I was from my allowance. I am hoping to retire by age 25. But my friends think that money comes from mom and that's it. Here in Nevada, 45% of the kids don't even graduate high school. So what are their chances after this? They will get some crappy job making minimum wage and living at home till 30, have no life and never make anything of themselves. My dad says my friends are aspiring to be homeless people. I want to prove him wrong.

Plan of Action

I know that the Boys & Girls Club has a program to teach about money, but it sucks. It is all lectures and worksheets and it gets boring. I want to use the money to make an advanced version of the Money Matters program where we can use real money to invest. $500 will fund 10 accounts and the they can keep any profit they make. The $50 will go back into a pool to fund the next group. But the profits will encourage the them to pay attention and learn the stuff so that they can use it to make more money. If you make nothing, that is your fault. But if your account comes out with $150 at the end that means that you pocket $100 cash just for learning. My dad used to work for the Boys & Girls Clubs in Long Beach and he said that he will talk to Charles Schwab about hosting our accounts and waving all fees so that it doesn't eat into the money we make. It is not exactly like real life but it will be a great start and a great learning tool.

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