The Problem

Today the number of women entrepreneurs has increased tremendously.However,the women in rural India are still in the same place as they were decades ago:confined within the four walls of the kitchen.But by implementing this project we empower them both financially and socially.We hope to inspire men who have gone to the cities to come back and find new opportunities such as Moonj in their own villages,close to their loved ones.Also by using recycled material we positively impact the environment.

Plan of Action

Moonj grass grows wild in wastelands in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. Coiling basketry technique is used by rural women in villages near Deoria district to make objects for use in the kitchen from Moonj Grass. Most of the men in Deoria migrate to cities to earn, leaving behind their family due to lack of opportunities. Women, in wetern UP are backward and MOONJ aspires to empwer them through enterprise led all inclusive development. Women, who are largely homemakers, could alleviate the poverty prevailing in the area by channelising their hadicraft skills and sustaining themselves. This is where Moonj comes into the picture. Moonj baskets are sold in some parts of India but the market for them is very small. We plan to design the products keeping in mind the current trends and innovating the designs. We also plan to decrease the production time and improve efficiency. The rural women prefer to stay at home than go out and work. Therefore, we created a model which would gather women in each area to work together in self help groups around their houses. This would also ensure an interactive work environment.

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