Moscow on the Hudson

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The Problem

This is actually an idea I have that I wish I could do. The problem is that it requires the government to listen to me, and the government does not want to listen to a teenager still in high school. I have been thinking about gas prices, the thing everyone has been complaining about. I figured that America does not produce much oil and that is why we have higher gas prices. We have little supply but a high demand and, according to economics, it means the prices are high. When I researched how much oil America actually produces, it turns out that America is the third largest producer of oil (see If America produces so much oil, why do we need to get more from other countries? Well, I researched how much oil America consumes and it is almost double of what we produce (see In the movie "Moscow on the Hudson," I saw an example of how communist countries are ran. I noticed that everything was rationed. The movie was set in Russia and Russia is the second largest producer of oil. If America just rationed gasoline like in Russia, there would not be such a high demand for it. Therefore, if demand was low, the prices should be also.

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