Motivated Offender Detterent/Land Improvement

The Problem

It has become of a known general consensus that the populous that has gone about observing even the slightest portion of my project’s commencement has been taken aback. The underlying reasons, as one may see while examining the other miscellaneous paperwork accompanying the project, shall be forgone post-haste. Essentially the planning stages of the garden/pathway endeavor seemed simple: plan and design a simple yet eccentric area where chaos once reigned. Before one is overtaken by the viscosity of such a situational description one must be able to fathom the extent of damage that has occurred in the area now improved. As a current Law Enforcement student and aspiring State Trooper, perhaps it may be easier for those I associate with to appreciate the depth of the gesture generated by this particular Eagle Scout project. To put it simply, an area once run amuck by drugs and what any textbook would describe as “motivated offenders” has been improved in such a manner as to invite the community to enjoy the outdoors in a close-to-home setting. As if it has not been aforementioned in previous pieces sufficiently, the removal of shrubbery enclosing the infamous Montrose gazebo has instilled the entire area with a cleaner feel. Without need for mention, a great deal of gratitude is deserved by the Town of Cortlandt, specifically the Department of Environmental Services, for their assistance. After weeks of bureaucratic negotiation and a fundamental quest for funding, ground was finally broken when the adjacent ambulance company lent a hand by purchasing the freshly installed park benches and the now planted bulbs. Over many weekends constituents of Troop 36 Montrose under the direction of myself turned the once paper stricken blueprints into a creation of ingenuity and public astonishment (per input of constant passersby). Pertaining to the infused thesis, the process of attaining proper approvals and Town support (i.e. removal of bushes by machine) consumed an inordinate amount of time. Nonetheless such undertakings did lend immensely to the amount of hours spent planning an arbitrarily simple job. Concerning the simplicity of the excavation of the area, mostly added for future reference, attempting to level freshly uncovered areas of soil with hand shovels and especially enthusiastic scouts can in no way be defined as effortless. Acknowledging that no human is perfect, the endeavor to create an exquisitely level construction area by manual labor was less than feasible. In such efforts seemingly minor adjustments to the original plans were required. Compensating for the amount of soil involved as well as the internal garden’s girth, the overall project’s measurements became of menial expansion. Addressing the numbers factor, the planned six foot by fifteen foot internal garden was rescaled on site to eight feet by 18 feet. The exterior compensation put into place left the perimeter’s assessed dimensions up to an amendment from twelve feet by thirty six feet to 15 feet by 38 feet. The paths themselves maintained their basic design nonetheless. Also seen in other documents concerning this project, the expense-ridden idea of a one hundred foot by six or eight foot fence was inherently dropped. Regarding the landscaping, the provided mulch was utilized for not only the internal garden but for the areas surrounding the gazebo and existing gardens, including the vacancies created by the shrubbery removal. The central 3’x3’area of the internal garden was not planted as planned, permitting the Town of Cortlandt or Ambulance Corps to install any fixture they see fit. All other goings-on maintained the structure originally implemented by the drawn plans, which fashioned an appeasing area which the community may enjoy for years to come.

Plan of Action

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