Muay Thai Kai

The Problem

We are trying to combat obesity, gang related activity, drug use and and bullying and replace it with physical exercise, healthy living and community involvement. Many families do not not have the funds to invest in after school programs for their children, so we would like to create a low cost program for under privileged children and families. We have already started volunteering in the community at such as events as the Pilgrim Congregational Church meals on wheels for Thanksgiving (picture)

Plan of Action

We will be working with faith-based communities to establish these clubs, which will cut out the overhead that is typically associated with these kinds of programs, making them affordable for individuals and families of all walks of life. Being in a faith-based community will also make it easier for women and children to learn the skills of self-defense in the prevention of bullying as well as abuse in women. Our long term goal as a company is to expand statewide, eventually leading to a nationwide presence. We want to eventually have clubs in every state with high calibe instructors working with their respective communities. We will take minimal to no salary for as long as needed to ensure the growth of our company. We are very dedicated to our cause and with ample education and dedication we will see to it that we reach every single one of our goals.

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