Murals for the Handicapped

Official Project

The Problem

Each community that I work in is substantially different with often only one thing in common - The handicapped. Often these poor people are sent to the back of schools and facilities into trailers or other less favorable buildings where the paint is chipped and the future looks as bleak as the walls.

Plan of Action

My mother has been working with the handicapped for the past twenty-odd years and every time I go by her school I always notice that the ESE building have little if any decoration while the others are dripping with color. I decided to make a one artist effort to give these buildings some color and some joy. I'll design and paint a mural at any school or facility for the handicapped as long as the paint is proved for me. I am doing my best to fund raise money to alleviate the cost of the murals and to make murals available to inner city schools and facilities.

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