Music 4 Kids

The Problem

In an urban city near me, there are many at risk youth who are not given the opportunity to begin learning to appreciate music at a young age, because either a) their school has dropped the music program from lack of funds, or b) Only get music once a week, if that. Also, there is an issue in my community about parents finding something for their kids to do after school to stay out of trouble, or instead of them having to occupy themselves.

Plan of Action

I will purchase instruments such as maracas, triangles, tambourines, bongo drums, bells, and other instruments like these, and get the children to play these instruments as a group, also giving them a chance to build a greater sense of community. I could also buy CD's, and play songs that the children could sing as well, (ex. the purple people eater) that are fun to sing as a group.

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