Music 4 Kidz

The Problem

MUSIC 4 KIDZ works towards building the community through the sharing of musical interests with children who are in the hospital. What would you do if you were a child in the hospital? How else would you spend your time after watching hours of television and reading numerous books? For children in the hospital, it is hard to go out and buy CDs or even to purchase songs on iTunes!

Plan of Action

First, students and teachers develop an interest in Music 4 Kidz from one of the organization's numerous listings on volunteer databases like,, and Next, students are given the opportunity to donate $1 or more to be used to purchase their favorite song or songs. Once the songs are purchased on iTunes Music Store, they are burned once and compiled into an assortment of CDs. At the same time, students are also given the opportunity to design album covers. Finally, the CDs are donated to local hospitals so that children staying in the hospital can listen to them.

Project Updates

Brand New Website! | August 30th, 2008
Music 4 Kidz has launched a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

With the help of volunteer Diana Lopez the new is easier to use and has an interactive log-in feature for volunteers!

Diana can be reached at

New Hospital Partnerships | August 30th, 2008
Music 4 Kidz is now in partnershop with:

- Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ

- Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford, CT

- Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield, MA

- The Children’s Hospital at St. Francis in Tulsa, OK

Web donation | March 2nd, 2008
Many thanks to Phil McDonnel and Black Cat Technologies who donated the domain name and web hosting to Music 4 Kidz. Music 4 Kidz greatly appreciates Mr. McDonnel’s donation!

Online database participation | December 1st, 2007
In order to increate participation, Music 4 Kidz is now listed on four online databases which match individuals to volunteer programs! They are:


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