Music Rocks Ya Soul: Campaign for Positive Music

The Problem

“We hate raunchy music!” is the official battle cry of a coalition of young artists, activists and community leaders across the country championing a fight against the senseless, sex-drenched lyrics found in the popular music targeting our nation’s youth. The hub of this nationwide movement is the multi-cultural city of Miami, Florida. As a group of young people who are concerned about school violence, youth promiscuity and the respect of women, we're sending the country’s recording industry a message loud and clear. With the Music Rocks Ya' Soul campaign, we produce artist workshops, youth rallies, community forums and dazzling music stage show devoid of misogyny, violence and hostility around the country designed to educate youth and parents about modern music as well as recruit individuals to join the movement of positive music. " With the pulse of the ethnically rich community of South Florida at our fingertips, our events always feature a little bit of everything from the hottest talent in Inspirational Hip-Hop, Rock to R&B, Dancehall Reggae and Reggaeton from around the world while sending forth socially-positive messages. With reggae rock from Indonesia to rap from off the coast of Columbia, our events feature eclectic sounds with a global perspective, undoubtedky leaving music lovers thirsting for more.

Plan of Action

Much of project serves to spark action among youth (13-25), stirring up their natural artistic gifts in a safe, conflict-free space. As part of the activation efforts in our campaign, we have included: music informational video packages, petition booths, video talk back booths, lyric freestyle battles, dance contests, youth activist speeches and giveaways in music and apparel, . Toyota Scion, Snapple and Domino’s Pizza have all decided to join the movement as event sponsors. As a spin off of Music Rocks Ya Soul, we also started producing free outdoor block parties dubbed Music Rocks Ya Street where we heat up one of the target regions' local street blocks with free music, live performances, face painters/jugglers, break dancers and free giveaways. In 2007, our first stop on the campaign train was New York City's The United Palace, a historical theatre in New York City which has been an official tour stop for renowned artists such as Jay-Z, The Fugees and Julio Iglesias. Booths were present at event to pre-register students for the fall semester of the You Can Succeed Arts (YCS) Program, to offer youth scholarships to Nyack College, and to provide information on insurance opportunities for youth and young adults.

Project Updates

Local Florida elected officials have pledged their support in 2008. Elected officials like State Representative Yolly Roberson State, State Representative Ronald Brise, Commissioner Dale Holness and Councilman Aster Knight.

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