My Eagle Project

The Problem

I joined the Boy Scouts when I was eight years old because I wanted to do something for my community. Now I am eighteen years old and am an Eagle Scout. During these ten years I served in hundreds of service projects, many of these I had planned myself. I accumulated over three hundred service hours during these ten years and inspired thousands more from others. The project I am most proud of was my Eagle Project. I, along with the help of my family and friends, raised the money and fixed an essential room in a local church. Though the room was mostly used for youth bible study and worship, this room was also used for many of the churches projects ranging from helping the community to occasionally housing the homeless. In this project my team and I completed repainting the walls, fixing the light fixtures, building three shelving units, fixing furniture, and putting in a sound system. There were many companies, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, that help donate many of the materials needed which brought the cost down significantly. I am proud to say that the church was more than impressed with the end results.

Plan of Action

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